Scrapbooking for Real People – Part 5

I know many people are setting goals for the new year and scrapbooking might just be one of them. Today, I’m going to discuss how to realistically get started, back on track, or continue with scrapbooking. (If you want to read parts 1-4 click here.)

Every person’s situation is different. I was able to start scrapbooking before my boy’s were born and so far, -knock on wood- I’ve never been very far behind. That being said, I was put in charge of my own scrapbook as a youth and I got very far behind… (A topic we will talk about in a minute!) So many people never even start scrapbooking because they feel they will never catch up! I don’t want you to be one of those people! So, go ahead and find the category(s) that applies to you and let me know if you have any other ways to help people achieve their scrapbooking goals!

The Expecting Parents
If you are expecting a child you are at the prime scrapbooking time! Start getting some prep work done before the baby is born! Gather supplies. Print out my free baby book questions and fill in the pregnancy portion. I knew I was going to take monthly pictures of my kids so I cut out some little numbers and decorations to go with those pages. When the baby is born, expect to take 10,000 pictures of every little thing your child does. Just don’t expect to be able to scrapbook all of those. 

With my first I had the embellishments already glued in place. That was a bad idea because they were never where I wanted! This time, I just have them loose in the sheet protector until I’m ready to use them.  
Before the baby is born I do a page about picking the name, pictures of ultrasounds and baby bumps, a family tree, and the nursery. 
Cover pages are kinda unnecessary but I really love making them. 🙂

The Student (1-100 yrs)
If you are old enough to use a glue stick, you can do some scrapbooking! I say this mostly for the benefit of moms everywhere. Ladies, you do not have to be in charge of all the scrapbooking! Take something off your load and have your kids do their own! One idea is to gather several items through the year and scrapbook them all together as you wait for midnight on New Year’s Eve. My other tip, keep it simple. Only keep a couple pieces of school work each year and simply slip them into a sheet protector. Make sure to your write the date/grade on each piece and you are done! If they are bigger than a page, take a picture and put that in. You don’t need to store every tri-fold science project in your coat closet. 

My little guy isn’t even two but with a little help he can scrapbook! Here is a page that he did. I let him pick the paper, pictures and stick them on once I put the tape on. Then, he did a little coloring. 
Here is another example of him helping. He picked images for my Cricut to cut. (Yes, he picked ducks for bath pictures. I would say I’m proud but honestly, he would pick ducks for anything.) He also picked to have his name written with the purple marker.

The Busy Parent
Refer to student section. A few other ideas: upload pictures to a photo book app and simply have it design a book for you to purchase. Create just one scrapbook for the family that includes family vacations, births, and major accomplishments. Post important events and pictures on social media and turn on “on this day _ years ago” reminders. Make sure to share with the whole family. Start from today, go back and do most important events as time permits. 

I use Google Photos and it has a rediscover this day feature you can set notifications for. 

The Grandparent

I know there are many crafty grandmas out there! You can help with scrapbooking! First, make sure your life has been documented well. You know it better than anyone else! Then, scrapbook for your children and grandchildren! These pages could be for you to keep and reflect on when they are not around or ask the busy parent if they would like help documenting their kids. It would make for an amazing personalized gift. 

The Traveler
I highly suggest having a scrapbook dedicated to just travels. This way, you don’t have to print out 10 copies of each picture from your trip and place them in each person’s scrapbook. Make sure to write down dates and places and any fun twists that may have happened. Another tip: take pictures of people in the places. If you want a picture of the Eiffel tower, you can always google it. 

A couple pages from our vacation scrapbook. I got a pack of vacation scrapbook paper on clearance and it makes this book very easy and cute!

The Person that is 30 Years Behind
My number one tip: Start now and start from now. Then, go back and do the most important things. You still have time to document your/your family’s life. You are just going to have to be a bit more picky. You might have boxes and boxes (and boxes) of pictures, report cards, and children’s drawings. It might seem easiest to grab the first three things on the top of the box and shove them on a page. If that is what works for you, do it. I would suggest taking the time to do some organizing before creating. Find the most important things and start with those. You don’t want to waste your time with things that don’t really matter and never get to the good stuff.  

Simply stick some pictures on a piece of patterned paper.
Stick a couple stickers (or little paper Cricut cut outs) on a solid page.

The Perfectionist
Now, here is a subject I am truly a professional in. (If you don’t believe me, you should have seen how many times I rewrote that sentence. 😅) As an adult, I did my first few pages of my scrapbook and then stopped. I could hardly look at them because all I could see were the imperfections. I saw crooked letters, glue lines, you get the idea. I wasn’t seeing the most important part: the pictures of memories. I mean, these were wedding pictures! I finally convinced myself to look at the scrapbook for it’s true purpose. Do I love making it look all cute? Of course! But, at the end of the day, this is a way for you to display happy memories. So, don’t let minor mistakes make you look at it in an unhappy light!  

Gotta love the kid feet 🙂

You will find what works for you! Maybe, it’s just one page on your/your child’s birthday that has a picture and a few sentences. Maybe it is one family book that only has a couple pages a year. The important thing is to document this stage of your life. Make sure to include details that may not be remembered at a later time (names, dates, silly stories, explanations of what the pictures is of). Worry less, smile more, and happy scrapbooking!

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