DIY City Map on TV Tray

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I really love crafting, but I often find it hard to come up with projects that I can make for my boys! I’ve been working on Christmas (Don’t worry if you aren’t, I’m 33 weeks pregnant and nesting like crazy.), and I always try to incorporate something homemade. Last year, I made these fun little Dollar Store elves, this year, I found these lap trays on clearance at Walmart and knew I wanted to make some sort of activity desk!

Want to make your own? It’s super simple! Here is what you need:


  • Lap tray (I was going to link this, but due to homeschooling/pandemic craziness, nobody has them in stock! Hopefully that changes soon!)
  • Rubbing alcohol (to clean tray before applying vinyl)
  • Roll of green vinyl for background
  • Large pieces of black and yellow vinyl
  • Various other vinyl colors for detailing
  • Transfer tape
  • Scraper & weeding tool
  • Cutting machine or scissors
  • My free design!
As always, feel free to use my design in any way you wish! You can even make these trays to sell! Just don’t sell the design. Send people the link to this page so they can download it themselves. 🙂

Upload the design to Cricut Design Space, (don’t forget to add your child’s name) cut and weed vinyl. Before applying vinyl with transfer tape, give your tray a quick rub down with some rubbing alcohol. You don’t want to have any dust or crumbs under your vinyl. I used permanent vinyl for this project. If you need help learning how to do these steps, I highly suggest looking at Cricut’s Youtube channel! They have answers to all of these questions. If you still need some help, feel free to comment below or contact me. I’m happy to help and can make videos/posts about these steps if needed. The Cricut ones do a great job, but I’d be happy to post my own if that would help you guys.

Please note: These TV trays are pretty flimsy which means the large vinyl piece is constantly moving and bubbling. If you can find a green tray, you could avoid a lot of bubbling issues. My end product has bubbles, but I think it is cute anyway.

The hardest part is going to be finding cars that will fit! I found some that are perfect at Smith’s Marketplace. They are Disney Pixar Cars Mini Racers. Here’s a link to a set on Amazon, it’s not the exact set I got but they look to be the same size. I am still on the lookout for a good sized train (I might have to have my husband 3D print one.)

I split the road into three separate pieces, so it wouldn’t take an over sized piece of vinyl. If you want, you can always weld them together in design space so you don’t have to worry about lining them up perfectly.

What do you think of the trays? Let me know in the comments below? And, if you have any other fun DIY gifts for boys let me know those as well! Thanks for being here! Happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “DIY City Map on TV Tray”

  1. Is there any kind of vinyl that works on a cRiCut that can peel and stick over and over again like a window cling? Cuz if so it would be so cute and cool to do a version of paper dolls with little 3D print bodies and stickable vinyl clothes! Are your kids into ninjago at all? You could make little ninja masks based of that design with htv. Annnnnd something with anatomy designs. I saw this little kid apron that had stuff organs you could Velcro into places so that you learned about your stomach and heart and intestines.. it was so cute in a scholarly way.

    1. Cricut does have window cling material (like the sticker kind, not the gel kind). I don’t think it could stand up to that kind of abuse but it is an interesting thought… Maybe doing some sort of magnetic doll would be a better option? I don’t think my kids know what ninjas are but I should probably fix that. 🙂 The oldest is very into doctors right now, so I like the anatomy idea. He might be a little young for organs, but I could definitely do some sort of doctor’s apron/coat. Thanks for the great ideas!

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