Activity Days

I am an activity day leader in our ward so twice a month I get with girls age 8-12 and we do various activities. There are two other leaders and I wanted to show two of the projects that they have come up with. This first one is pencil water coloring. Apparently this is a big thing but I had never heard of it before! Crayola has water color pencils. You just color with them and then add a little water to give it that paint look. We just used q-tips to apply the water and it was a little difficult to stay in the lines but I think that added to the beauty in this situation. 
The second project is a bookmark. We took a stretchy elastic and sewed a button to one side and a hair tie to the other. Then you slide it into the book and close it on the outside. The girls didn’t seem too impressed by these and most of them said they were just going to wear them as headbands. I however may use it because it acts as a childproofing lock and we are still learning how to not rip normal pages at our house.

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