Clown Birthday Party

We’ve been celebrating lots of birthdays around here! Of course, no one at my house has had a birthday. Well, no people I should say. My four-year-old has started announcing his stuffed animal lion’s birthday on the regular. In fact, he informed me Liony has three birthdays each week and it’s so cute, I’ve just been going with it.

Lion goes everywhere with us.

We’ve sung to the stuffed lion. We’ve had ice cream and all sorts of his favorite foods (That also happen to be my four-year-old’s favorite as well. It’s funny how similar those two are.) But we hadn’t throw him a full on birthday party with balloons and decorations made on Mom’s Cricut.

So, today was the day!

I think it’s fitting that a Lion would have a Circus themed birthday party.

Here’s the cut file if you want to throw a stuffed animal a party too. Or, ya know, whatever it is you are up to these days!

This is the SVG. Right click to save!

Happy Craftin’!

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