Crafting the Alphabet

I have created a new challenge for myself and I am very excited. I am going to craft the entire alphabet! So first I will pick a project that starts with A, then B, etc. I would love your suggestions! So, to kick this off…

A is for Alphabet

Just one of my old projects I get to show off. This was the first big project I made with my first Cricut. 

Shortly after Jay and I were married I was given several of these block sets. I made this set for us but I’ve been holding onto the others waiting for the perfect project. 
While Jay and I were dating I worked at a call center and I would draw these little drawings of our love story in between calls and send them to him. I wanted a way to display them and then I added the pictures of us to complete the set. 
I had some crafting foam that I also had no idea what to do with so I combined the two to make a little birthday gift. I cut out the first alphabet but decided it was a bit too long and narrow for the squares. I’m not sure what I will do with it. 

I used hot glue to attach the foam and it probably wasn’t the best choice. When the foam got warm it stretched kinda funny. Also you may notice their are only 24 sides to the blocks. I messed up the W so I decided to throw it out and I must have lost some other letter at some point but I didn’t check which one. I didn’t want to come up with stuff to fill a 5th block anyway. Even though they aren’t perfect they still turned out pretty cute! I don’t think they will be super durable but I hope the little guy enjoys them. 
And I happen to have the perfect wrapping paper to wrap it in!

Remember, please give me project suggestions, especially for the tricky letters!

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