DIY Party Tips – On a Budget

Want to host a party on a budget? Want to make some awesome custom decorations? You have come to the right place! Today, we will be talking about the ins and outs of hosting your own party with homemade/cheap party supplies! Please note: I have a Cricut and will be talking about Cricut projects multiple times throughout this post. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can cut out your own decorations using a template, or just ignore those ideas and focus on the ones that speak to you! If you are in the market for a Cricut click here to learn about the different Cricut machines or here to view my recommended product list.

I have created decorations for several birthday parties, baby showers, and even a few weddings. To start, I want to discuss some typical party elements and how you can buy them cheap or DIY.

Cake – This is a very easy place to cut costs, and you don’t have to be a pro cake decorater to do so! Simply top the cake with a small toy or create a paper cake topper and attach it to a lollipop stick. If you want an edible decoration, top with candy, sprinkles, or a bit of decorative frosting work.

Balloons – Let’s face it, buying helium filled balloons can really mess with the party budget. Picking them up can also add stress on party day. Thankfully, there are other options! Purchase some balloons from the Dollar Tree and fill them with air to make an awesome balloon garland or flower. If you want a themed foil balloon, purchase it from AliExpress! You will want to make sure you give it at least a month (I recommend 2-3) to arrive but you can get ten balloons for the price of one! Buy a $1 air pump to fill them while you are at it! There are also special supplies you can buy on AliExpress to help you create balloon structures. They can be used over and over and make balloon creations a breeze! (AliExpress does not pay me to advertise for them. I just really love their stuff and I love sharing the awesome deals I find!)

Banners – Making custom birthday banners are a breeze if you have a Cricut! When you are done with the banner, wrap it nicely and store it in it’s own ziploc bag. Keep it for another party or give it to someone who can use it! This is a great way to recycle time and materials and you can make someone else’s party planning simpler.

Month picture banners are a great addition to any first birthday! Balloons are from AliExpress!
I was not able to store the tissue flowers, but this bow garland has been requested for several baby showers.
For full backdrops, place each individual strand in it’s own bag and label it with it’s row number. Place all the number bags together in one bag for easy setup for the next party.

Crafts & Games – These vary greatly depending on the age of your party guests, but like the banners they can be stored and reused! Make sure to save all printables on your computer/phone in a place where they can easily be found again. If you are having issues coming up with a craft idea search your local Dollar Tree (not a sponsor). They recently made an emphasis on crafting materials and the selection is incredible! If the weather permits, play some good old fashioned lawn games. You can even DIY your own pinata if you want to get crazy!

I’ve got a whole post explaining how to make this guy. Since we only had four young kids at this party, the homemade window clings (cut a blackout panel on the Cricut) were the only other activity.

Custom Shirts – This is obviously not a necessity, but I love making shirts and a birthday is a great excuse! I always purchase shirts in bulk when Joann Fabric has them on sale for $2 and decorate them with HTV. If you need a tutorial click here.

Other Decor – Don’t shy away from some good old fashioned streamers! They are super cheap, quick to set up, and help get the birthday feel. For kid parties, decorate with simple toys and give them away as the party favors! If you are going for a more classy feel, pull out your Christmas lights, a few candles, or some fancy picture frames. You may already have party decor in your house! Or, you may be able to create decor that you can use in the house year-round!

These little ducks were purchased on AliExpress and the kiddos got to take one home with them!
The tractor banner has the little boy’s name on it and it now hangs over his bed!

If you have a great budget party tip share it in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your next party!

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