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First off, check out my new Recommended Products page! I get a lot of questions about where I buy my supplies so I decided to compile a list. If you have questions about something that is not on the list please let me know! Also, please note that I am now affiliated with Amazon, so if you make a purchase from one of my Amazon links I will receive a small profit. It doesn’t cost any extra to you but it does help me out so thank you in advance!

I’ve been doing lots of Christmas gifts but I don’t want to spoil them, so, here is just another post of random projects. 

Someone pulled a bunch of washi tape off the roll, so I had to stop what I was doing and decorate some envelopes before it went to waste. It was a fun creative challenge to use the random colors and lengths I was given. 
Rivalry t-shirts!
I won this mesh Cricut vinyl from @craft-e-corner. This was the perfect project for it!
Have I mentioned how much I love to design t-shirts? 
This was one of the biggest projects I’ve done so far. It used a whole five foot roll of htv! I had to digitally weed (remove extra pieces) each item before I cut it on the machine and then physically weed each item! I love this sort of stuff, but even I was ready to be done by the end!
Completed project! 
So, imagine using a computer to tell the Cricut to cut each of those holes. Then, you have to use something poky to remove the pieces from each of those holes…  
I think lots of people think the Cricut does all the work. This is not true! That being said, it does all the work that I can’t do!
I got to try out some holiday nail stamps. They are so cute!
It comes with stamps for every Holiday! It has a lot of Halloween and Christmas and a few of the others!
More diamond painting.
Come Follow Me challenged everyone to display a scripture from 1 Thessalonians so I used this free template. (affiliate link)
Had to make one last Bee Kind jacket!
Ok, this is a Christmas gift but it’s too cute not to share! Free Baby Shark svg here
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