Simple Faux Leather Earrings

Have you made your own faux leather earrings? Cricut makes it so easy! Faux leather can be cut on any Cricut machine. (Yes, even the Cricut Joy!) If you subscribe to Cricut Access there are some premade earring templates that make this a super easy craft! Cut a set for yourself, your mom, or even a bridal party! The possibilities are endless!

Most of the earring designs in Cricut Access are very straight forward, but I have a little tip for you. When I first started making earrings, I cut out the little holes for the jump rings using my Cricut. I tried the rotary blade at first (my preferred tool for faux leather) but the holes kept ripping up. I tried the fine point blade and it was better but I still had issues. Then, I started poking my own holes using a pushpin and now they can withstand everyday use (and for me that means babies and toddlers pulling on them). So, that is my biggest tip to making long lasting earrings: poke the holes yourself! If you need a little help with that process here is a video explaining exactly what to do on Cricut Design Space Desktop version. The end of the video also shows how to assemble the earring if you are new to jewelry making and throughout you can hear all about where I purchase my supplies.

Aren’t these earrings so cute! Go make a pair for yourself! Subscribe to Cricut Access! You will be able to use these projects and 100,000+ more with all of the different images available. You’ll get access to 500 fonts, discounts at and extra Design Space features! If you’ve never tried it before, get a month free and see how you like it!

I love making earrings and have posted multiple of them over on my Instagram page. Make sure to check it out! Happy Craftin’!

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