Cherry Bow

My family lives in a small town that has several orchards. Though they grow lots of different types of fruit, tart cherries are their specialty. In fact, cherry farming runs in my husband’s family. His great grandparents started the orchards and passed it down each generation. My husband isn’t one of the full-time farmers, but he did get to drive a tractor in the trees as a teenager and still does on occasion.

My family in the cherry orchards.

Long story short, cherries have a big significance in our family and community, so I wanted to make a cherry design and share it with you today. I simplified the pattern slightly to put it on a bow for my daughter as well. Isn’t it cute?

I used Dollar Tree faux leather for this bow. You might see some little squares in the design, those are just from my transfer sheet. They should go away eventually. If you want to avoid those, use a higher quality leather, press for a shorter amount of time, or even remove the HTV from the transfer sheet before ironing.

As always, feel free to use my design for personal and commercial use. If you have a friend that would love this project, please send them a link to my page. It really does help me out!

This is the SVG. Right click to save.

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This is the SVG. Right click to save.

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Happy craftin’!

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