DIY Super Hero Party

My oldest turned four and he is obsessed with PJ Masks so we had a super hero party! I’ll be honest, I had so many ideas for this, but in the end we kept it relatively simple.

Birthday Banner

I started off with a classic birthday banner. The font is called Library 3 on Cricut Design Space. I also used Design Space images for the skyline and pennant. I had to do some slicing and welding to get the city to go down to the bottom of the pennant point. Then, I used the Print then Cut feature for my characters and added a yellow background using the Off-Set feature. Finally, I used a glue stick and foam tape to give a little dimension. It was a fun paper project.

Balloon Arch

Isn’t this balloon arch cute? My Dollar Tree was out of green balloons so I bought several multi-colored packs and still only ended up with four green ones! I supplemented with the blue polka-dots and I’m so glad I did. It really gave the whole display some personality!

This is not my first balloon creation, but I’m still trying to perfect the “attach to wall” step. Honestly, the easiest answer is command hooks, but for some reason I fight that every time. I just hate to use command hooks for such a short term use! But, I have yet to find anything else that will work. I’ve tried blue tack and balloon glue dots. This time I tried using ribbon with the blue tack attached to it… It’s just a nightmare. So, learn from my hour of struggling and just put the command hooks up from the start. Thread a piece of string or thread through the balloon arch strip (which I highly recommend for all balloon creations) and tie it to your hook.

Cupcake Toppers

Confession: No one at my house likes cake very much. But, it wouldn’t be a kids birthday party without some cake so I made some cupcakes and added super hero cake toppers. These were super simple. I used the Print then Cut feature on my Cricut and then ran the images through my Xyron Creative Station. I cut a lollipop stick in half and stickered the images onto both sides of the stick.

Sorry, my kitchen lighting is terrible!


I always like to have one small game planned for birthday parties. We’ve done several pinatas before and in October we did a super cute poke game; but I realized we haven’t done a good old-fashioned game of ‘fishing’! So, I took a tri-fold and painted it to look like the night sky. I added a skyline (free SVG below) and then the PJ Masks characters. I grabbed a stick and attached a pieces of string to it using a push pin. On the other side I tied on a clothespin. The kids took turns throwing the clothes pin over the top of the board. I sat on the other side and attached windup toys and Fruit by the Foots (or would it be Fruit by the Feet?) to the clothespin before sending it back over. The Birthday Boy was very specific about what prizes were needed. None of which had anything to do with the theme, but hey, that’s kids for ya.

All of my SVGs are free for personal and commercial use. If you have a friend who might want the file, please send them to my page rather than sharing the file itself. Thanks!

This is the SVG. Right click to save.

I finished off the birthday look with some streamers and little figurines for centerpieces. Happy Birthday little one!

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