Is Cutsjoy a Joy to Cut?

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I love when I get to try new craft supplies! Back in July, I had a company reach out to me on Instagram and ask if I would try their vinyl. Unfortunately, because of an Instagram issue, I didn’t receive that message until nearly a month later! I thought for sure I had missed my chance, but this awesome group was still willing to let me try their product and now I have the joy of telling you all about it!

Cutsjoy heat transfer vinyl comes in two different colors: white and reflective light gray. I got to try out the reflective light gray and let me tell you… it’s pretty cool! I wasn’t really sure what to expect in terms of reflectivness and the pictures on Amazon weren’t very helpful. Hopefully, my pictures will help you see the beauty of this product.


In normal lighting, it’s just gray. It’s actually a darker gray than I was expecting, but then suddenly, it hits the light just right and it has a beautiful, silver, mirror-like finish. It’s the perfect color for tiaras, diamonds, car bumpers, and snowflakes.

Here is an example of it looking very gray. Cut file is from
And here it is when the light catches it just right.


People have varying opinions about how much you should spend on heat transfer vinyl. I personally won’t spend much more than $2 per square foot for regular colors and $4 for specialty colors. (That is very cheap I know, but I have brands that I love that meet this criteria. Check out my recommended products page.) Cutsjoy reflective light gray is a specialty vinyl and it fits in my ideal price range!


Cutsjoy heat transfer vinyl cuts perfectly on any Cricut. Make sure to put the shiny side down and mirror the image when cutting. I used the iron-on setting. The vinyl was very easy to weed. I didn’t have any issue with small pieces lifting off the carrier sheet and all unwanted pieces easily came off with my Cricut weeding tool.


The instructions that come with the vinyl recommend pressing at 300 degrees for 10-15 seconds. I used my Cricut Easy Press and had the project done in seconds! Honestly, the 10 seconds was probably more than enough! If you are an iron user, this is the vinyl for you! It is warm peel, but don’t pull it off while it is super hot. I would wait about 10 seconds or your vinyl will curl. (It happened to me. It was fixable, but stressful.) The carrier sheet (clear plastic that the vinyl comes on) was not the stickiest. That can be good or bad depending on the project… If you were doing lots of small pieces, I would recommend using some heat resistant tape to keep them in place.

I made this SVG just for you! Head to my SVG Library to download it!


I’ve tried a lot of bargain vinyl and nearly all of it works great for a single layer, but the true test comes when you start stacking colors. If the vinyl is a low quality, it will have a gummy ring around it when layered. (See the blue heart below.) Cutsjoy reflective light gray does not have that ring! This is a quality vinyl that can be used as a top, middle, or bottom layer.


Now, nearly all heat transfer vinyls have the same washing instructions. I’m sure there are some people who follow those exactly. I’m not one of them. I’m a mom of toddlers and babies, most of the clothes at my house go into the wash covered in dirt, food, or both. I don’t do anything special for my clothes with htv and I still expect them to come out good-as-new. (And since getting my Easy Press, I have not had any issues.) Cutsjoy vinyl did not disappoint! It washed perfectly!

Should you buy Cutsjoy Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Yes!!! It’s a beautiful, quality, heat transfer vinyl at an affordable price! It’s Prime shipping so you get it super fast and it works great for layering!

What vinyl brands do you love? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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  1. This is adorable! There are no specific brands that I love right now but I have been majorly wanting to get into crafting with vinyl! 😍

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