More Precious than Rubies

I just got back from a church girl’s camp and it was so much fun! I have been working on crafty things for it for several weeks. Let me show you some of the things we did and give you some free SVG files as well.

It started off with twenty-four matching hoodies.

Leader Picture

Here’s the cut file. It’s free for personal and commercial use! If you have a friend that would like this file please share a link to my page for them. If you want to check out more of my free SVGs click here.

This is the SVG file. Right click to save!

If you are buying shirts or hoodies in bulk I highly recommend Bulk Apparel. That is where I got all of our hoodies. The more money you spend the bigger discount you get. Be aware though, the prices vary by size. The smaller sized items are usually much cheaper on Bulk Apparel, but sometimes the bigger sizes (like 2X+) are cheaper on Amazon.

I also tried out a new brand of HTV (heat transfer vinyl) for these shirts and I really loved it. In fact, I’ve now purchased six large rolls of the stuff in different colors. It’s a great price even when it’s not on sale, but if you can plan ahead, the sales are amazing.

Then, we added some matching hair ribbons. The ribbon came from a variety of places including my own personal stash, Amazon, Dollar Tree and Joann. To help it match the theme even more, I added a red gem using glitter HTV to the black ribbons. I know some people like to use hot glue to assemble these but I used a needle and thread. I think it will last longer that way.

Then, it was crafty time for the girls! We started off making this little necklace. I designed the image and printed it off on some fancy paper. (I had to use an inkjet printer. I used a color toner printer first but the nail polish smeared the image.) I had the girls cut the image out and use clear nail polish to apply it on both the necklace and glass dome. It was a quick and fun craft. I already had the necklace pendants but I was able to find some domes that would fit inside them and then add a chain.

I did make two slightly different designs so the girls could choose. From my quick glance it looked like all but one picked the one with flowers.

This is the SVG. Right click to save.
Sorry, not the best picture
I also added the image to my water bottle for fun!

The last craft was our big one, except we haven’t actually done it yet! We ran out of time at camp so we will have to do it for a church activity soon. These simple shadow boxes nearly drove me to my wits end with all of the issues I ran into.

I purchased these frames from Dollar Tree. The first frame I bought the image went away easily with nail polish remover. That was not the case with the rest of them. I tried a ton of different cleaning solutions and no chemical would work. I finally had to scrape the image off with my Cricut spatula. It worked, and I plan on making the girls do that as well. I don’t think they will be very happy with me.

The original (made as a sample)

The first frame also had a self closing mechanism. The other ones did not. So, I had to find some way to close the frame back up and keep all the gems inside, and it couldn’t be hot glue because there was no electricity. I eventually settled on this.

Then (I think you can see where this is going), the frames were a different size so I had to get smaller gems. I still haven’t returned the big ones yet, maybe I should be doing that instead of complaining to you guys. The smaller ones like to cling to everything, including random parts of the frame.

My tester for camp. The girls will customize their background and pick between black or white vinyl.

Thankfully the vinyl and transfer tape went smoothly. -knock on wood-. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying anything until the girls have finished there crafts. Lol.

I personal like the look of the original better so if you decided to do this one try to get this Dollar Tree frame (affiliate link), but the thinner one will work too if you are in a bind (I couldn’t find them online).

The girls also made a bunch of bracelets and necklaces with a variety of beads. I did grab some ruby looking ones so I’ll include the link for that here.

Have you ever been in charge of crafts for a big group or a church camp? What sort of things did you do? I’d love some ideas. I think I’m going to start planning for next year right now. Then maybe I’ll be able to find everything I actually want. XD Thanks for stopping by! Happy craftin’!

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