Checking Off My Summer List

Confession time: I have never understood why people craft with stamps. When I think of stamps, I picture little kids stamping all over a folded piece of paper and calling it a card for Mother’s Day. It’s not something I would typically use, but when my mom decided to get rid of her big box of stamps my husband convinced me to take it. I figured I would just use them for our kids someday. Then, I discovered embossing powder. My mom always had it in her stamp case but I had never used it before. So last night, I finally pulled it out. It is awesome! The pictures do not do it justice!

Testing ink pads
First try at emboss powder.
Isn’t this cute?

You just stamp like normal and then pour a ton of powder on top. Pour the extra powder back into the container and heat the image with a heat gun. I actually was able to use black ink for all powders (except red, not sure why). Even the white powder stood up to the black ink. It was like magic! The end result is shiny and textured and scrapbook worthy! I have a whole new appreciation for stamps.

Keeping it real – had a big mess up

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  1. Another fun trick with stamps is using stamp marker pens instead of stamp pads…so your stamp has different colors…for instance if you had a truck stamp you could make it red with black wheels…then just color it in with colored pencils!
    -aunt deb

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