I Want to Chalk my Bicycle


Have you ever heard of Chalk Couture? It’s a new craft medium that I have been trying and I wanted to share some things I like and dislike about it.


  • Beautiful, pre-made designs
  • Removable or permanent options
  • Does not require large expensive items (computer, Cricut, sewing machine, etc.)
  • Simple, non-crafters can do it
  • Chalky look you can’t get from anything else
  • Projects do not smear after drying
  • With their original pastes you can wipe off with water at any time
Little imperfections drive me crazy!


  • Expensive! (I mean, I am super cheap, but it definitely adds up fast)
  • Some guess work involved – only part of the stencils are see-through so placement is tricky
  • Kinda messy
  • Each design only comes in one size
  • I have to do everything multiple times because I am a perfectionist
  • Colors look a lot different after they dry, though I have always liked them better after drying (When you buy the colors they show you what they look like dried, so if it looks different in the bottle than you were expecting don’t worry, it will dry like the original.)
I am very pleased with how my bike turned out, but I had to redo the wheels 4.5 times (and they still aren’t perfect)! That was not the only thing I did more than once. I have to limit how many times I will allow myself to redo things because I get a little carried away. That being said, I have discovered that many flaws disappear after drying. I’m not sure if I will invest in any more of these because many projects I can do with a Cricut for much cheaper but I am pleased that I own several stencils and I have yet to be upset with how a project has turned out. If you do decide to invest in this I suggest also buying a roll of chalkboard vinyl. I got one in bulk on clearance a while back and now I can just turn any surface into a chalkboard for chalking. 

If you are interested in Chalk Couture, click here.

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