Making a Pillow Together

I remember the day my mom got her embroidery machine. I was pretty little, but I remember seeing how happy she was. I think that’s the most excited I’ve ever seen my mom over a materialistic thing. For the next few days she kept trying different things and making cute little designs. I would sit on the mountain of clean laundry (her craftroom is also her laundry room) and watch the machine with her. She made a cute little giraffe and handed it to me. I was so excited. Then she said, “Choose a fabric and I’ll make it into a pillow for you.” I sat there and watched my mom make a pillow. I remember thinking it was so magical that she could just do that. I had that pillow on my bed forever (it was only 5×5 inches). I’m not really sure what happened to it but I will always remember it.

Another piece she used for practice. I found it in my box of old treasures.
I think I’ll make it into something soon.

So today, when my little boy was pointing to the sewing machine I decided to make him a pillow. This time I felt a little magical as I whipped it together in just a few minutes. There’s no way he is going to remember this moment but I will and it’s one I will treasure forever. 

My Relief Society made blankets for the hospital and
gave me all the scraps.
And here is a close up of the disaster he made while I was
stuffing it. He found my extra Easter activity day projects.
He’s still little enough I find his messes cute but
I’m sure that will change soon.

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