Pacifier Clips

This is an old picture taken in our tiny apartment. Can you tell?

I’m at the stage of life where I go to lots of baby showers. I love giving a homemade gift and I got into pacifier clips a while back. I made a big batch of them and then during our move my sewing machine broke! I’m almost out of my fabric ones so I decided to try these beaded ones. I like them because even if your child doesn’t do a pacifier, the clip itself is a toy. My oldest still plays with his at church since it is quiet and doesn’t take up much room in our bag. I actually got a new sewing machine this week (well, a really old free one!) but I’m not sure if I’ll make more fabric ones because the beaded ones are so easy! 

We are Disney fans at are house.
In fact, that’s the first thing my husband and I ever talked about. 

Once you pick the design (definitely the hard part), it just takes a few minutes to tie and thread the beads. With this one I started with the loop and ended with the clip. I like to tie knots in-between each bead so they stay in place and, if one of the knots somehow came loose, only one bead could come off. I’m not super pleased with how the clip itself is attached. It just doesn’t seem super secure so if you have any ideas let me know. 🙂

Thank you random lady on Facebook! 

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