This one is ‘Reel’y Cute!

My sweet sister-in-law asked me to make a little fishing game for her boys. I started by cutting out all the felt fish using my Cricut Maker. Then, I added a little heat transfer vinyl eye to each side. A quick outline stitch on my sewing machine and they were ready for magnets. 

Using a good old fashioned needle and thread, I stitched in some paperclip mouths. 

I’m not sure how I took this picture but the bottom of my pajama pants can be spotted in the corner… I’m guessing some crazy cirque du soleil stuff was happening….

 My original plan was to use a dowel as the fishing rod. I mentioned this to my husband and he had a different idea. 

I didn’t take any pictures of him making the actual rod but here is a picture of the magnet going into the lure.  
I went back to the sewing machine and made a little bag to store everything. I powered the Cricut back on and cut out a name in htv.  
That fishing rod actually works! 
I wish I had taken a few more pictures of the pole. I actually made two of these projects (the other one has a gray pole) but I didn’t even take one picture of the second one!

So, what do you think?

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