Toddler Apron

You already know my little guy (well, actually he’s my big guy?…) loves to work with me. His absolute favorite thing is using the mixer. It’s adorable, but it always results in a huge mess! So, I decided it was time to make a toddler sized apron. 

It’s reversible. 
The top piece snaps into place. I will place new snaps to add length when he needs it. 

I was going to try and do a tutorial, but to be honest, if I did it again I think there are several things I would change. Haha. Maybe I’ll give the how-to next time; when my little (actually little) guy needs one to match his big brother. 

It’s still a little too big, but I was just trying to guess his size while he was sleeping.
Plus, he is growing like mad! I want it to last for a little while!
He loved putting the egg in his pocket. I forgot it was there and it went through the washer!
Yup… it’s probably already stained. But hey, it saved the shirt!

Note: The older one always wants to eat whatever the little one is eating
and they are both very messy eaters! On the plus side,
BO doesn’t even realize how many veggies he has been eating. 

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