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My family likes to party. My family I grew up in that is, things are pretty chill at our house (well as chill as they can be with a toddler and a 5 month old). I think part of it is just the sheer size of the group. If you have more than 10 people over for dinner, you have to call it a party; and we are nearing 30 family members at our Sunday dinners. 

It felt like we needed a picture here.
So here’s a picture of me (wearing my nursing cover) and my oldest at our last family dinner.
These parties are usually pretty casual, but every once in a while we have a special occasion and make it a bit more fancy. This upcoming Sunday is one of those times. My older sister is expecting a little boy here in the near future and we are throwing a super hero themed party to celebrate. I thought it would be so cute to make capes for all the little cousins. I sewed them together and then used my Cricut Easy Press to but some vinyl on the backs. A simple snap to hold it on and these beauties are ready for flying!
These capes are reversible. I forgot to snap a picture of the patterned fabric on the other side.
I’ll try and remember on Sunday!
And when I was done with my Cricut Easy Press I was able to put it away in my Weeare Easy Press bag! Just like their other products, this bag is fantastic! It really is worth the money (And that is coming from someone who has spent 3 years using a safety pin rather than pay $10 for a real set of Cricut tools.) This bag fits not only the Easy Press, but has a front pocket that would be ideal for Cricut tools (that I’m too cheap to buy) and Infusible Ink pens (ditto). I love the adjustable straps and the snaps that can hold them together. The bag also comes with a mat to use when pressing you’re projects. The Weeare bag is perfect to tuck your Easy Press away when you aren’t using it (Wahoo! Less clutter!) and durable enough to keep it safe while traveling. Love this company and love this product!
I do spend money on the Cricut pens (when they go on super sale!)
I received a free Easy Press Bag for my honest review. 
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