DIY Boutique Bows

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I am obsessed with making bows with my Cricut! I think it’s because I’m so horrible at tying bows (seriously, they always look oddly floppy). It is just so nice to finally have a bow that turns out well! I’ve got a free SVG for you today that can be used in several different ways!

Paper Bows

Paper bows make the perfect topper to any Christmas present! This is the perfect time to use all that Christmas scrapbook paper, or if you want to keep it simple: copy paper! Both turn out super cute!

This bow is made from Cricut Deluxe Foil Paper.
Yes, that is just paper I pulled out of my printer!

Faux Leather Bows

Faux leather bows are quite possibly my favorite thing to make with my Cricut! If you use Cricut’s paper thin faux leather you can cut it with any Cricut machine! If you are using a thicker faux leather, I would suggest cutting it with the Cricut Maker‘s rotary blade.

Perfect for clips and headbands!
Or a reusable gift topper!

Bow Assembly

Start by downloading my free SVG below or in my SVG library. You can then print the image and use as a template to cut by hand, or upload it to Cricut Design Space and cut it with your Cricut. You do not need every piece for every bow. Mix and match and make it your own! Once pieces are cut, turn your main bow piece over (the one that looks like a pair of sunglasses) and put a dab of hot glue in the center. Fold one end in. Repeat for other side. Glue bow on top of decorative bottom piece if desired. Flip entire bow over and attach center pieces starting with one end. Loop around the front and then glue the other end to the back. Here is a quick video if you need help.

Here’s your SVG!

Simply right click on the image below and click save!


As a bonus I’ve added a special mermaid tail that can be added to your bow for a trendy look! Use it in multiple ways! You can buy faux leather with mermaid scales, but I have also included a scale pattern. Cut out the scales with iron-on vinyl and press it to your faux leather tail!

Pink and gold bow is made with a printed faux leather sheet. Blue bow has glitter iron-on.

What kind of bow are you going to make first? Let me know in the comments! Have questions about bow assemble or working your Cricut? Feel free to comment below or contact me! I would love to help answer any of your crafting questions. Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting!

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