DIY Super Cape – DC League of Super Pets

On Saturday, the whole family got to go to an early pre-showing of the new movie DC League of Super Pets! (Even better, the theater was also throwing a pajama party so I didn’t even have to get them dressed first!) My boys had seen commercials for the show and were pretty excited. It did not disappoint! Within the first ten seconds my three-year-old was laughing. My four-year-old stared at the screen the entire time, he could not pull his eyes away! And… I kinda hate to admit this… I did shed a tear during it. It’s a must see!

If you’re watching a super hero movie, you’re going to need a super cape! I’m going to tell you how I made these cute ones and teach you how to create them in any size!

DIY Super Capes

Step 1: Select two fabrics. I like to do one solid and one patterned, but pick what works best for you!

Step 2: Measure how big you want the cape. You can be as precise as you want, but I would just throw some fabric around the hero’s shoulders and see what size looks good. For my toddlers I did approximately 18 inches wide by 22 inches tall.

Step 3: Add one inch to your measurements (to accommodate seam allowance) and cut out a giant egg shape just the right size! To avoid error, trace your egg on a large sheet of paper first.

I was worried about how see-through the pink was but I actually like how it looks!

Step 4: Slice down on the top of egg to bottom of neck line. For my toddlers, that was roughly seven inches, but I wanted them pretty loose. Start small and cut it a little larger if need be. See image below.

Step 5: From the bottom of your neck slit create a circle leaving approximately two inches at the top for the clasp. See image below.

Cut green, then purple, then blue.
Should look like this. For toddlers, purple line is 7 inches. Circle has about a 5 inch diameter.

Step 6: Pin right sides together and sew around entire cape using a half inch seam allowance, leaving a two inch gap to turn cape right side out. Stitch or glue gap closed once cape is turned out.

Step 7: Add a snap or velcro to the neck to close the cape.

Step 8: Decorate as desired. I cut out some HTV on my Cricut and ironed it on the back.

I’d love to see your cute superheroes and so would DC Super Pets. Make sure to tag #DCSuperPets and #craftinkiy in your posts! And don’t forget to go see the movie! It will be in theaters starting July 29, 2022!

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