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I’ve got a 3D Flower SVG for you today. Unlike my previous templates, this flower is made petal by petal; so it is a perfect candidate for a giant flower! I personally chose to size mine so all the pieces would fit on one 8.5×11 inch piece of paper, but you could go as large or as small as you want!

To make the flower you will need:

  • 60-80 lbs cardstock
  • My free template (open file and right click to save as SVG)
  • Scissors/cutting machine
  • An old credit card or ruler
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Parchment paper (optional, to keep hot glue off of table)

Cutting the Flower

This flower can be cut using a cutting machine or a pair of scissors. I have included one extra petal in each size, but not all flowers are the same, so if you use less or more than what I have provided, that doesn’t mean you are wrong!

Assembling the Flower

Before you begin, sort your petals by size. You should have XL (14 pieces), L (13 pieces), M (12 pieces), and S (16 pieces). There will also be a large circle base and a butterfly-looking piece, which is actually your center. Set the two specialty pieces to the side for now. Using your credit card or ruler, create a score line down the center of each petal. You can use the slit in the bottom to help you center it.

Note: For this flower template, the slits in the base of the petals just help the petal curve. When gluing, allow the slits to bend in the same direction in a natural way.

Now, grab your circle base and your pile of XL petals. Using the hot glue, glue the slit side of your petal onto the base with the actually petals hanging of the edge (view video below for a visual demonstration).

Grab your Large petal pieces and glue them in a ring just inside your XL pieces. Then, make a ring of Medium petals inside that and two rings of Small petals inside of that.

Now, it is time for your center piece. Using your fingers, gently fold each petal to give it some dimension. Then, bring the two side petals up to meet each other. Stagger their placement so they share the center of the flower. Then, raise the top and bottom petal to encase the others. Hot glue into center of flower and you are done!

Are you a visual learner? Then watch this video to learn how to make this flower!

If you have any questions or suggestions on what I should make next feel free to leave me a note in the comments below. If you make the flower please share your results with me! (@craftinkiy) Thanks for being here and happy crafting!

This flower can be made for personal or commercial use. You are not allowed to sell the cut file, but feel free to share this link with your friends so they can make it too!

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