Kraftin’ with a K

K is for Kaleidoscope

Have any empty vinyl tubes laying around? I do! So I used one to make a Kaleidoscope.


  • a sturdy tube – mine is left over from a roll of vinyl
  • beads – dollar store (make sure light can shine through)
  • clear film – amazon
  • piece of black paper
  • paper/stickers to decorate
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • tape
  • ruler
  • pen
This is a great place to use the super decorative pieces of paper you never know what to do with!

Using your pen and the tube, trace two circles onto the clear film. One should fit inside the tube and one should fit outside. Cut out circles. Then you need to create a long triangle of clear film to act as your mirror. My tube is 12 inches high and my triangles had to be 1 1/4 inch on each side to fit inside. So, I cut out a 3 3/4 inch by 12 inches piece and then folded it in thirds. I used tape to hold it into the triangular shape. 

I had this from a different project. You could use any hard plastic but the higher quality the more mirror-like it will be. 
Hot glue your large circle onto one end of the tube. Fill tube with beads (just enough to cover the plastic circle with one layer). Glue small circle to end of triangle piece and slide into tube circle side first. You may need to trim the triangle depending on how large your beads are. Cut a circle out of the black paper that will fit on the open end of the tube. Poke a hole in the center and hot glue to open end. Decorate as desired. 

And there you have it! My little boys don’t understand how to use it quite yet but I think it’s pretty cool. If you make one let me know so I can show it off. Happy crafting!

And here is what the little guy did while Mom wrote her blog. 🙂 prettygraphik stickers

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