P was Kind of a Pain!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my alphabet but P took a long time! First, I spent weeks collecting supplies. Then: days of step one, a brief pause to wait for my Amazon package to arrive, days of step two, and some Cricut work to finish… Any idea what P stands for?

P is for Pinata! 
I really love pinatas. In fact, I had a Disney Princess one at my 16th birthday party. I don’t know, maybe secretly I just like smacking things with a baseball bat… Actually, that’s not it at all. 😉 I just love how they look! 
When I decided I was making a pinata, I didn’t want to take any short cuts. If you feel like making a Mickey Mouse head pinata, I’ll walk you through the steps. 
First, take four weeks gathering ads. (Yes, I know I could have found a newspaper easily. It was mostly just an excuse so I could work on other stuff.) Actually, you probably only need two weeks worth. I had way more newspaper than I needed. Cut paper into inch wide strips. 
Blow three balloons and tape them together to form a Mickey Mouse head. Tip: If I was to do this again I would make the ears smaller. You will be adding a lot of layers and will loose definition if the ears start too large. 
Using masking tape, I did tape rolls to attach the ears to the head and then I tapped off the balloon knot on bottom to keep the round shape. 
Now it’s time to paper mache! Mix together one part water to two parts flour. I used one cup flour for each complete layer. Lay newspaper strips out (I didn’t do this for the first round and I had Jay run over and do it for me in between video game rounds. My hands were way to messy once I touched the flour/water mixture.) Take one strip of newspaper and dunk it in flour/water mixture. Use your fingers to scrape off excess gloop and place the strip on balloons. Cover balloon completely. Once dry, repeat process at least three more times. Each side takes approximately eight hours to dry. 
Alternate the way strips are places to reinforce. This picture is taken when paper is still wet. 
Use two cups to prop head up and cover sides.  
Dry and ready to go. You will notice there are a few bumps on the right ear. They will be covered up later. 
Poke a small pin into each section to pop the balloons. I did this between the second and third layer and it was a bad idea. It just caused some sinkage. I recommend waiting until the end. 
Spray paint desired color. Using an X-acto knife cut a small hole to insert candy and hanger. I did this right between the ears. Bend a wire hanger and slide it inside. 
Using mod podge and tissue paper cover pinata. I first tried the frayed look but with such a round surface it just didn’t look very good, so I opted for the bunched look instead. It took forever! Like… at least ten hours.  
This is where the smaller ears would have been beneficial. 
Cut a face out and spray glue into place. 
Story time… I used a piece of printer paper to test size. I cut it out and couldn’t get it to lay how I wanted, so I cut some fake holes to see if that would help. This was the result. It was very freaky. I laughed so hard I cried looking at it. 
Fill with candy and enjoy! Or, if you are me, stick it in the closet for a while because the party isn’t for five more months!
Overall, I’m very happy with my result! I liked making the pinata, but each step lasted for a very long time and was messy! It was fun for something different but I don’t think it’s one I’m going to do on a regular basis. 

Update: To see the pinata in action, click here!

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