Patterned Vinyl Projects

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Patterned vinyl is the cutest. I mean, how can you resist, especially when it’s on sale! Or, if you’ve ever purchased a Cricut Mystery Box (which I highly recommend), you are sure to have a few (dozen) rolls of beautiful designed vinyl laying around your craftroom. That’s the problem though, they are just laying around! As cute as this stuff is, I never know what to do with it! I have searched Pinterest, Instagram, Google Images and even the Cricut website. Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows what to do with this stuff! Until today that is, because I have finally come up with several patterned vinyl ideas and tips that I can’t wait to share with you guys! This post will focus on adhesive vinyl. A second post will be coming shortly and will cover iron-on.

Tip #1 Size your project according to the pattern size.

It sounds pretty obvious, but it can actually be pretty challenging to match your vinyl to your project. The first two times I used patterned vinyl I did not size correctly. The beautiful design was lost and it was very challenging to tell what was going on. Let me show you some examples:

The pink floral vinyl has a medium, highly repetitive design. I wouldn’t recommend it for super tiny letters, but anything a half-inch thick or more should be just fine. The second ‘sprinkle’ vinyl has such a small design it could be used for anything. Just make sure you aren’t putting it on something white (learned that the hard way). The third design is quite large and not very repetitive. You want to go as big as possible for that one. The black vinyl also has a large design, but because of it’s repetitive nature you could use it for smaller projects, it would just have a slightly different look.

Wow, did that feel like information overload? It did to me but I promise you, once you have your own patterned vinyl out, you will have that same thought process go through your head (I hope). Now, let’s get craftin’!

Tip #2 Think background

Patterned vinyl can make a beautiful background accent to a simple project as it did with these journals and dollar store shadow box.

I love using patterned and solid vinyl together!
Courage quote from

Tip #3 Mess-free ‘decoupage’

Skip the mod podge and cover drawers, boxes, and school books with patterned vinyl instead!

Cut each side individually for easy application.
I made these blocks a few years ago (the messy mod podge way) but if you have printable vinyl you could do it that way too!

Tip #4 Cut simple shapes

Patterned vinyl really can be used for anything, but it can often overwhelm a project. Cut simple shapes and allow the design to do the talking.

I’m going to redo this cup with a solid pink heart border around each patterned heart. I think it will give it the pop it is missing.

Tip #5 Don’t shy away from letters

After several failed attempts, I decided I just wasn’t going to use patterned vinyl for lettering. I’m so glad I changed my mind! Patterned vinyl can make beautiful words but remember: size accordingly and keep it simple.

This is 11.5 inches long. I cut out several giant labels to organize my rolling craft cart.

Tip #6 Use in place of patterned paper

I’m cheap, so I try not to use vinyl in places where paper would be just as nice. That being said, I ALWAYS use vinyl for envelope inserts. The paper is just too bulky! Patterned vinyl is perfect to add a little flair to any homemade card.

Envelope before gluing. Tip – Use a Xyron Tape Runner to create long lasting envelopes.

Do you have any tips about patterned vinyl? List them in the comments below!

See a vinyl you liked? Here is a link to each set!

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