S is for Stencil

Stencils are a very popular Cricut project, but I had never made one! This seemed like a perfect candidate for the letter S in my Craftin’ the Alphabet adventure!

To make a stencil you will need:

  • A cutting machine (I recommend Cricut but you can use anything, even scissors!)
  • Adhesive vinyl & transfer tape
  • Canvas (These cute little guys come in a three pack at Dollar Tree!
  • Paint

Step 1: PIck your design and cut it out of vinyl. For ease, I suggest putting a large box around the outside of the design. If you make the box the same size as your canvas, positioning the stencil will be super easy! (I made my box too small on the first stencil.)

The color of vinyl does not matter so just pick one you don’t think you will use for a different project.

Step 2: Now, you are going to weed (remove unwanted vinyl) the actual design. You want just the stencil to remain.

Step 3: Transfer stencil to canvas using transfer tape.

Step 4: Dab paint using a firm brush. For best results, use higher quality (thicker) paint. I used a cheap pink paint and you can definitely tell the difference.

Step 5: Once paint is dry, remove vinyl!

The thinner paint bleeds more than the thicker paint. I also got a little paint on the side because my box did not cover the whole canvas.
I made one more using thicker paint and a little paper sunflower.

What should I stencil next?

2 thoughts on “S is for Stencil”

    1. I know! I was quite surprised! I was told you can use mod podge to thicken the cheap stuff, but honestly, that would probably cost more than just getting different paint.

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