An Early Birthday Present – Easy Press Unboxing

My sweetie stopped at Walmart on his way to work to pick something up for a co-worker. He doesn’t do very much of the shopping but every time he does he treats me. Today he found a Cricut EasyPress on clearance. This is one of those crafting things that I always wanted but figured I would probably never get. If you are unfamiliar with the product it’s kind of in between an iron and a heat press.

 I have been doing a lot of shirts lately and my iron has worked but it’s not nearly as easy as this. The EasyPress let’s you know the exact temperature and has a built in timer. Cricut has kindly done all the work for you so you go to their site and enter what kind of material you are using and they tell you exactly what settings you need to create your project. I’ll be honest, I’ve only done their sample project so far but I was giggling the whole time. If you have done htv with an iron, you know why. This took about 1/10th of the time and got rid of much of the guess work. Be prepared for lots of iron-on projects in the near future!

I got this particular machine for $50 off because of a scratch on the box. And no, Cricut didn’t tell me to share this. I was just too excited to keep it to myself. Happy (early) Birthday to me. 🙂

If you look really closely you will see a large scratch across the baby’s face.
And yes, that little scratch saved me a ton!
If your’s is not on clearance your box will probably be a little prettier. 
I think I’m going to like this thing!
This is a shirt I made yesterday that got re-shared by @craft.e.corner.
If only I had had the EasyPress yesterday…

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