Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

Today I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and try a new craft type (or one that I have been too scared to tackle). Figuring out what do to was easy, actually doing it was much harder.

My husband’s grandma was amazing at ceramics! She did it all, start to finish and she did it well. She passed shortly before Jay (that’s my husband’s name by the way) and I met. Some of her unfinished ceramics and paints were given to us and until today I had been too scared to do anything with them. 

I technically have painted ceramics before, but not as an adult. It went WAY better than I thought it would! I kinda just played around but I like the results. I started with something very simple, but I’m not so nervous now, so next time I can do something a little more challenging and some day I can tackle the beautiful nativity. 

First I painted it solid green. I took a picture because I was sure I would ruin it trying to add details and I wanted at least one picture of it looking nice.

I didn’t ruin it!


2 thoughts on “Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone”

  1. It is supposed to be a napkin holder and I'm sure there were more pieces at some point but we only had one in our box. We don't really have a use for just one which made it the perfect project to practice on.

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