Disneyland Hack

It’s not very often that I come up with a brilliant idea, but this time I did and I have to share it with you guys! 

A week ago, thirteen members of my family started on a journey to Disneyland. I like to use throw away water bottles on vacation. Frozen ones work great as ice packs, you don’t have to worry about washing anything (We like to use Crystal Light packets.) and it’s not a big deal if you lose one. That being said, I do like to reuse the bottles as many times as possible. I usually only throw a bottle away if we can’t figure out who it belongs to… which happens a lot!  We’ve tried writing names on them but they always seem to wipe off. I would wrap a hair tie around mine but someone always drank out of it anyway. 

I knew being in the California heat would require lots of water and rather than using three hundred water bottles (Ok, probably a slight exaggeration, but if we all drank as much as we were supposed to it wouldn’t be.) So, (this is so simple) I put stickers on the water bottles! Each person had a different Disney sticker so they knew what bottle was there’s! It was so easy but it was a fun way to put a little extra Disney magic into the trip. 

I’ve been wanting to use the print-then-cut feature on my Cricut for a while. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like, you can print a page and then the Cricut will cut out the image. It was a selling point for me when I originally got my Cricut but I just hadn’t gotten around to trying it. We don’t have a colored printer so I had to borrow my in-laws’ for this project. 

Before the cut.

After the cut.

The print-then-cut feature is so awesome! I got all these cute images from Prettygrafik and printed them out. The Cricut website puts a large black box around the outside of the page and then a little light on the machine senses where the box is and it knows where to cut. I thought I would have to try this multiple times in order to figure it out but the first try was a total success! I wish I had done this sooner! Once my images were cut I put them through my Xyron Sticker Maker that my sweetie got me for Christmas. 

If you use the bleed setting the Cricut will put a little extra color on your page so there is no possibility of a little white on the edges. Just like the stickers you get from the store!

These specific stickers are for personal use only but the Prettygrafik website has some awesome things and they even allow some of their free stuff to be used commercially! So, if you have a color printer and want to print something out I would be happy to make some stickers for you. 🙂

Our trip was awesome! Here are a few more pictures. 

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