Scrapbooking for Real People – Part 4

I’ve been so busy Crafting my Alphabet that I haven’t posted about scrapbooking in a while. As promised, today, I want to talk about how I use my computer while scrapbooking. 

  1. My computer controls my Cricut and I use my Cricut a lot. But that doesn’t apply to everyone so…
  2. I type up stories to put inside the book. A picture can tell a thousand words but giving it context helps it speak even louder. I often use my Cricut to write these stories but I have typed longer stories on the computer and printed them out. I did this with my boys’ birth stories and it’s great to be able to go back and see all the small details that I’m never going to remember. (Fun fact, my boys were born in the same room [and there were over 20 delivery rooms at the hospital].)

    A great example of  a time where pictures couldn’t tell the whole story.
  3. If you buy a pre-made baby book they come with tons of cute questions and milestones for you to fill in about your baby. I went through my own baby book and picked the ones I liked the most. I typed them up and printed them out and put them in a sheet protector. It was so easy! And it’s even easier for you because if you click here you can just print out my copy. 
  4. Now, if you aren’t into cutting and gluing and would rather create your whole scrapbook on the computer there are ways to do that too. There are a million different sites out there but I personally have used Shutterfly the most and you can click here to learn my opinion of it. 
  5. I’m a fan of tangible books but I know a lot of people who scrapbook solely online. You can use a blog or Lifecake or even just post regular updates on social media. The point is to document events (big and small) so they can be remembered later.
There are so many different ways to scrapbook and I hope you find what is best for you! I know it can seem so overwhelming and it may even seem like a waste of time but I have never heard anyone regret making one. (Though I have heard many people regret not making/having one.) If you guys have any questions about scrapbooking please let me know! I am no expert, but I can give you a Real Person opinion. 🙂 

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