E is for Earrings

E is for Earrings!

I made some leather earrings on my Cricut that turned out super cute and were a lot of fun to assemble. I will definitely be making more of these in the future (as soon as my cheap leather comes from China). 

The top and bottom are actually the same color. I’ve seen people sell earrings similar to this for nearly $20! So yeah, they are making quite the profit, especially if they buy the no-name stuff. 
Unfortunately, I am the only one at my house with pierced ears so I had to be my own model. 
I also had to show off the cute ones my sister-in-law made!

This is a little different but I wanted to show you a super easy earring idea. I found these beads at the dollar store (250 beads for $1.00!) and the hoop earrings were 6 pairs for $5 at Walmart. The best part is, nothing is permanent! You could trade out the beads everyday if you wanted. I think this would make for a very fun (and cheap) gift for young girls. You could make a, ‘create your own earrings’ kit. You just have to make sure the beads have big enough holes to fit onto the earrings. 

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  1. Those are so fun!! The girls would love them and they are trying to get their things organized. I know you are the Organization Queen. How about a post on that? Oh, and I can't think of a more beautiful model!💕

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