F is for Finger Puppets

F is for Felt Farm Finger Friends.

I used the pattern from OhBaby to make these super cute puppets. I cut the felt out with my Cricut and opted for felt glue rather than hand stitching. The original pattern had a horse but I thought a llama would be more fun so I omitted the hair… or maybe I just forgot to cut the hair and was too lazy to go back… we may never know. 

A llama/horse
My personal favorite

2 thoughts on “F is for Finger Puppets”

  1. We've been on vacation all week so the boys haven't really played with them yet; but so far the glue seems to be working. The bottle says it 'bonds felt' and it really does feel like the two pieces have bonded into one. Yes! I can do anything felt now and I'm super duper excited about it!

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