Floral Antler Nursery Sign

The original design. Apparently I don’t have any tan vinyl though…

Boy, did I learn a lot with this one! I really haven’t done all that much with vinyl. We bought our new house in August and we have been too afraid to put anything on the walls. I have made several simple things (I will definitely be showing you the sign in my baby nursery [not to be confused with my toddler nursery ;]) but I really haven’t explored too many vinyl things. You really need transfer tape to do anything major and I didn’t have any until this last Christmas. If you haven’t made that purchase yet, it will change your life. Anyway, I spent forever designing and welding and doing a whole bunch of things in Cricut Design Space I didn’t really need to do. Then I went to cut it… and I still had it wrong! At this point I got frustrated and just cut a few flowers and went with that. Then I was unhappy with my word color choice and the simple cardstock I used as a background. Long story short, if I had to do it all again I think with this particular one I would have just saved the original design and printed it out with a nice printer. Oh well, you live and you learn. I will do better next time.

The final project. I love this picture frame!
$4 at Walmart!
A matching pacifier clip for my cousin’s
baby girl. Will share how I made that another day.

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