Summer List

When I was young our family would all gather around at the end of the school year and write a list of things we wanted to do together during the summer. We would go around in age order and say one thing we really wanted on the list. We were allowed to say whatever we wanted but if we got too crazy it was probably not going to happen (AKA, say Disneyland as much as you want but you are just wasting your vote). When I got older I started creating my own list. Here are two from high school for your enjoyment. This year I am going to make a list of things I want to craft! 

  • Keep up with both boys’ scrapbooks
  • Complete at least 5 pages in my scrapbook
  • Add our vacations into vacation scrapbook
  • Create 5 3D Cricut projects (bows, flowers, boxes, etc.)
  • Do 3 different non-Cricut crafts

Hopefully I’m not going too crazy because we actually are going to Disneyland! And New York, and I have two babies… basically I’m busy but I am excited to push myself and hopefully get better at something I love.

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