Fruits & Veggies File Folder Game

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A while back I wanted to make some file folder games and started scanning Pinterest to see what I could find. I was surprised at the lack of selection. I don’t know, maybe file folder games aren’t a thing anymore, but as a former preschool teacher, I just can’t image life without them! If you are like me, you will be happy to know this is just the first game in my file folder set and I will be posting more soon. If you aren’t into these paper games, that’s ok. Go ahead and move on to the next blog post or check out my quiet book project instead.

This post is part of my Craftin’ the Alphabet challenge, so… officially…

V is for Veggies!

This is a Cricut Community project so you must have a Cricut Explore Family or Cricut Maker to make this file folder game. All images are free through Cricut Access but they are also available for individual purchase if you do not subscribe.


  • Cricut Explore Family or Maker
  • Colored printer
  • 4 sheets white cardstock
  • Laminator (or alternatives such as scotch tape)
  • File Folder
  • Envelope or bag (for storing pieces)
  • Rubber Cement
  • Scissors

This project is seriously so easy to make! First, open this link in Cricut Design Space. Second, click Make it! Print out your pieces to your local printer on cardstock and then feed them into your machine on a green mat (make sure you select the cardstock setting). Once all the pieces are done, laminate them and cut them out (you will have to do this part with a regular pair of scissors). Slap your large pieces onto your folder with some rubber cement and you are ready to go!

What other file folder games would you like to see? Let me know in the comments! Also, please let me know your opinion on Print then Cut projects! I love them now, but before I had a colored printer I hated seeing them. 🤣 Thank you for being here! Let me know if you have any questions! Happy crafting!


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