I can’t keep Quiet about Q!!!

This project has been a long time coming but I think you are going to like it! If you are new, I have been doing a different project for each letter of the alphabet. They started off fairly easily, but I’ve gone a bit crazy since then. Haha. Click here to see the entire journey.

Q is for Quiet Book!

When I was originally planning my alphabet I had planned to do a quilt for the letter Q. Then, (spoiler alert) I found a way to incorporate a blanket into a different letter. So, I got to make a quiet book. A felt, interactive book, is something I have always wanted to make but pushed aside. It’s a lot of work. But, I’m finally ok with that! I don’t always have to finish my projects in a single sitting! Of course, I had to give myself an added challenge. I only used images found in Cricut Design Space. Correction, I only used images I already owned in Cricut Design Space because you know how cheap I am. The nice part about this, if you have a Cricut you can click here and it will take you right to my profile where you can make this project yourself with just a click of a button! Ok, ok, let’s get to the good stuff!


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Cover Page: If you purchase the same felt pages that I did, you will not need to alter them. If you chose a different base, trim all pages to an 8×8 inch square. The title is done using heat transfer vinyl. Always make sure to mirror images before cutting htv!

Candy Color Sort: The letters and color waves are heat transfer vinyl. The pocket and circles are made with felt cut with the Cricut Maker. I always cut felt using the rotary blade and pink cutting mat. Stitch brown square onto backing on three sides to create a pocket for the pieces to go in.

Shape Match: This is a relatively simple page, but my toddler actually helped me cut it out! White is all done using heat transfer vinyl, everything else is felt. This is a great page to do some decorative stitching!

Animal to Food Match: I think this is my favorite page (but I might say that about the rest of the pages in the book)! The word ‘food’ is htv but everything else is felt. If you are recreating this, the apple design has been fixed in Design Space. I do have a worm on the project, but I had issues with it so the one pictured here was just cut with a pair of scissors. The food bowl has a line cut out of the middle so unlike the other pockets, stitch around the whole outside and use the slit as the pocket opening.

Cupcake Counting: Confession time: I made the cupcakes before I knew what size my book would be. I was able to make it squish on but there was originally a 9th cupcake that had to be given a new home. I have left the design this size in Cricut Design Space, (so as not to confuse those going off the picture as a reference), but if I were to do it again I would size the cupcakes down slightly. This is a great page to do if you have small htv scraps! All numbers, words, and sprinkles are htv. The cupcakes and pocket are felt. For this pocket, keep the right side open and sew up the other three sides.

Looks like I’m going to have to reinforce the top corners, but I really like this stitch and it is so simple!

Train Pattern Practice: Ok, I love this one. I love it because it just came to me laying in bed one night. Those are the best kind of projects! The railroad sign and tracks are done with heat transfer vinyl everything else is felt.

Season Match: Words are htv as are the lines on the sled and the watermelon seeds. You may notice these pieces are several layers thick. Some of the images were fairly complex and needed multiple layers so I added layers to the others to keep things consistent. Note, there is no pocket pictured. It can be found on the next page.

Season Pocket and Alphabet page: The seasons took up a lot of room, so I had to place the pocket on the backside. So, yes, the alphabet page is just a filler. But, if you add a fun heat transfer vinyl (this is metallic from Joann) it will be a favorite page for the kiddos. I highly recommend the metallic for a texture reason. It is so smooth I couldn’t help tracing the letters!

Back Cover: Speech bubble made using heat transfer vinyl. Fun fact: I really did not want to give this book the title of “My Quiet Book”. It’s just so overused. Then, I realized why it was so overused… what else would you call it? I finally came up with “Shhh! I’m learning!” I decided it was a little confusing as a title, but, it brought a new meaning to the title, so… I guess the short version of this paragraph is: I overthink everything.

Assembly: You are nearly done! Sit back, put on a show, and do a blanket stitch around each set (front and back) of pages. If you don’t know how to blanket stitch (I didn’t!) watch this video. Finally, weave a piece of yarn through the stitches in the binding. Tie off. Glue a piece of felt to cover your binding. See images below.

You are done! If you have any questions feel free to comment below or contact me. If you do make your own, please share it with me! Good luck and remember, worry less, smile more!

7 thoughts on “I can’t keep Quiet about Q!!!”

  1. I have a Cricut Explore Air 2 and am very new to the cricut world.
    I am reading that I can only use a Rotary Blade with the Cricut Maker. Do you have any suggestions? Also, I have subscribed to Cricut Access but when I go to one of the quiet book pages it says contains exclusive content and wont let me click the make it button?

    1. Hi Chelsea!
      You can cut felt on the Explore Air 2, but you want to get thick felt, or put heat and bond on it to make it stiff. You just want to make sure it doesn’t shed and get into your machine. I would recommend the deep cut blade (black housing). You should be able to use the pages if you have Cricut Access, so I will contact Cricut and see why it is not working. Did it say there was exclusive content on all the pages?
      Thank you! I hope we can get this to work for you!

      1. Ok, I have the answer for you and it’s not a happy one. For a while, Cricut allowed Access Members free reign to all Cricut Community projects. They no longer do that, so only the pages that have all Cricut Access images will be free. You can pay to use the other images, switch them for Access images, or wait and see if they pages become free. I’m so sorry! If I had known this beforehand I would have done things differently!

    1. On some pages the felt on felt just clings together. There are a few pages (the shapes for instance) where I have iron-on vinyl and the felt will not stick to that. You could attach a piece of velcro if you want. I bought some to do that but decided it wasn’t necessary. My kids always use it on their lap or a table so the pieces don’t actually have to attach. Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂

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