This is me copying fonts in high school.
It took forever but I’m still very
proud of it!

When I was in high school I took an interior design class. I did learn a little bit about home decor but I think I mostly learned about scrapbooking. (From what I hear this is typical from a beginning design class.) As part of the course we had to replicate fonts. If you know me, you know I have bad handwriting. I just don’t take the time to make it nice, especially when I am the only one reading it. That being said, I love pretty handwriting. There is a girl that we used to sit behind at church that is amazing at calligraphy and she would write/draw quotes from the speakers. It was inspiring. 

Another high school project.
We had to design a room of our choice.
I made a boy’s room… Guess I was already preparing!
So, one of my favorite things about my Cricut is that I can just stick a pen or marker in and it can write beautifully! I use it a ton for the little ones’ baby books! The best part is I can use any font that’s on my computer! I have made things using Disney fonts, Harry Potter fonts, and even the cow Chick-fil-a font! (I’ll definitely show you that one soon.) I really wanted to use my gold calligraphy marker for this scrapbook page but it had dried up! From what I read online multiple people have had issues with the gold Cricut pens. It was a pretty sad moment but the black still turned out ok. 

Testing Page

Wish I had moved the words
a tiny bit to the right…
A picture of my high school interior design
 project before I glued it down.
Kinda like scrapbooking right? 
My oldest loves watching the Cricut so sometimes
I just have it cut/draw random things to distract him. 

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