Having the Hubby’s Help with H

H is for Hot Glue Gun Holder

My cute husband had this great idea for H. He used his 3D printer to print out a holder for my hot glue gun and glue sticks. I then tested it out by making some hair bows for my activity day girls. It took a little practice to remember to put the gun back on the holder instead of just plopping it down on my work surface but once I got used to it, it was awesome. 

Jay has been very encouraging and supportive of my blog from the beginning but he told me up front, he did not want to become an Instagram Husband. (For the older generation: that basically means a camera/light guy. A man who is always behind the scenes making his wife look good.) Yet, every time I go to take a picture he dives in with the lamp trying to help me with lighting. After I took these pictures he switched out the light bulbs in the craftroom so my pictures would turn out better. He keeps making me tools, buying me supplies, and texting me craft ideas throughout the work day. So, it’s not my fault, but I’m pretty sure he is my Instagram Husband (or a Blogging Husband at the very least). 

This picture was taken with the improved lighting. What do you think?

Shout out to MeesterEd for the 3D design!

6 thoughts on “Having the Hubby’s Help with H”

  1. Thanks! It took a LONG time to print (as in, overnight), and a decent amount of filament, but it was well worth it and was a lot of fun. Watch for it as a gift!

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