My Personal Opinion of Shutterfly Books

Sorry, I haven’t posted much this week! I have been quite a busy lady! But more about that later, let’s talk crafting.

People often ask me about online scrapbooking. There 
are a lot of different ways to create memory books using the internet. Amazon has some. Walmart has some. Walgreens… I could go on and on. I have tried several of these different places but the one I have used the most is Shutterfly

The hardcover books are super high quality!

First off, let me say, Shutterfly is one of those places where you can always get a coupon. That is a good thing, because their prices are pretty high. I only buy from them if the product is free because shipping costs are so crazy and are charged per item.

One thing I love about Shutterfly is the customization. They have so many options and you can spend hours making your book exactly how you want it. Or, you can use their layouts and do it in a matter of seconds. They accommodate everyone. They also have the most user friendly site (and most functioning app) of all the photo book places I have tried.

A fun customization
A more standard layout
Also, Jay and I have grown up so much in the last three years!
And I wish I could still do a pony tail like that! (Stinkin’ postpartum breakage…)

Another great thing about Shutterfly is the photo storage. You can save as many photos to their site as you would like. Even though I don’t use them very often, I still store photos with them. They have been recognized for their protection of private pictures.  

This is my first Shutterfly book. My awesome sister made it for me my senior year of high school.
It’s a paperback and one of the pages has come out. 🙁

My least favorite part about Shutterfly books (and any printed memory book) is you can’t add to it. Once you have ordered it you are done. That being said, it is totally possible to save the book online and add to it over a space of time before ordering. It just isn’t my thing. I get too excited about seeing the physical finished product (which is one of the reasons I switched to more traditional scrapbooking). 

These are my own opinions and are in no way associated with Shutterfly. I just wanted to answer some questions I have received from readers. 

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