Infusible Ink & Goals

A while back, I set a goal to do an Infusible Ink project before the end of 2019. I won a box of it in the #cricutbekind challenge and I was super excited to try it. It’s really expensive. It’s not something I would purchase myself so I was nervous. If I messed up, I wasn’t buying any more! So, out of fear, I had put it off. 

Then, on New Year’s Eve, with only a few hours left in the year, I finally ‘cowgirled up’ (as my dad would say) and made my first project. I don’t know why I was so worried!

Guess how much a box like this costs? 


The transfer sheets have to be stored very carefully.  
It was around this point I got very stressed. 
Here are the sheets before cutting and pressing. You may notice they aren’t very bright. 
Here is the section I weeded (removed unnecessary pieces).  It’s weird how stiff it is, but that’s actually because it’s just ink on a thick piece of paper. The paper is removed after heat is applied. 
Unlike htv, infusible ink cannot overlap and you can only press it once. I had to make sure everything was in place and then, there was no going back. 
I put my easy press on and stressed for a long two minutes. Then, I snapped this picture before I had the nerve to see what had happened. Did I mention you can only do this on specific (expensive) cricut products? Yup, I couldn’t use my typical $2 clearance shirts. I told you I was stressed!
Finally I could breathe! 


Comparison of the non-pressed sheet to the finished product. The white box is just a piece of paper inside the shirt to prevent bleeding.


And comparing the blue. I actually really liked the purply color of the non-pressed sheet. 


Color wise, the box is pretty accurate. 

I really was stressed about this project, but after I was done, I realized how cool it is! Definitely something I could get into, ya know, if I was a millionaire. Fortunately, I still have some left, so I guess I will get one or two more chances. Cool, cool, stuff. If you are a millionaire, I highly suggest it. 

One of my goals for 2020 is to improve my handwriting and start learning some calligraphy. Here is a picture of day one, so I have something to compare to at the end of the year. It might not look like much to you, but I’ve excited. So far, I’ve learned: thick on downward strokes, thin on upward strokes. Easier said than done, but I’m working on it. The ‘L’ really shows what I mean. 
And, a teaser. Can you tell what it is?




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