I’m Not Afraid Anymore!


had a very successful post on Instagram today and it made me stop and think how far I’ve come. Not as a crazy Instagramer (though I may be that) but as a crafter. Sharing my projects has inspired me to make more challenging ones. I used to look at peoples’ completed works and say: “You can never do that.” But now, I’m not afraid anymore. I’ve messed up… and it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Here are just a few of the things I have finally had the courage to create.

Faceless portrait by @josiemaeedesign. Temple by @hannahbutlerart.
I made the flowers out of cardstock, hot glue, and one little pearl. 
The next few images are diamond paintings. I purchase kits that tell me exactly what to do and I place all the diamonds. It’s essentially a paint by number but with plastic gems. 
I wanted to try a small size (so I didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a frame). It definitely lost some of the definition. 
Paper bow cut with the Cricut, assembled with tacky glue.
Left quote is from lovesvg.com (affiliate link)
This is the project Instagram is going nuts over. Image from lovesvg.com (affiliate link). Flowers are paper and hot glue. Shadow box is two dollar store frames glued together. 
Ya’ll get the unedited pics. (My lighting has greatly improved since the beginning of my blog, but I am still in the basement…) 
I realized I never posted about my tree! This little guy is a Bucilla kit (click here to see the last 3d felt project I made). So much work, but much more fun this time around. 
I got fuzzies everywhere when I was stuffing it. All hand stitched. 
A throw back! This little onesie (minus the name) was actually in my very first set of blog pictures. I added the name recently. No, it’s not a pregnancy announcement. Thank you everyone for asking. 🙄
Haha, I told you I had failed! These had potential, and then I tried one and realized royal icing is gross. I no longer had any desire to decorate. They sat on my counter for days until I finally mixed up the pink and threw it on just so I could say I did it. Then they promptly went in the trash. 
@josiemaeedesign designed the cartoon and then I used printable htv to put it on this shirt along with some glitter htv words. 

Epoxy wood grain bottle. See my first attempt here
As Ms Frizzle would say, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”

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