Scrapbooking For Real People – Part 1

I love my boys’ scrapbooks and I do a lot of work to keep up on them. I wanted to share some things I have learned about scrapbooking for kids. First off, I am not a pro scrapbooker. I do lots of things that would make the die-hards cringe. Second, I only have two kids and I have been diligent about staying on top of their books from the beginning. I know lots of people give up because they feel like they can’t keep up. I will give you a few tips on how to start off right if you are at that point and how to catch up if you are behind. Third, scrapbooking can be really expensive and you may think you need lots of different things. I use my Cricut for a lot of pages, but I want to show you some things you can make even if you don’t have one. 

So let’s begin! Today, we are discussing the very first step: picking a book! 

When I first started scrapbooking for just my husband and I, I bought a big 12 x 12 inch, expensive scrapbook. Ok, the book itself wasn’t all that expensive. I’m a deal shopper, but then you have to buy the extra large sheet protectors and special paper and they only hold like 12 pages… 12 x 12 inches is a lot of space! Sometimes that is good, but other times it’s just annoying. 

So, I would highly recommend using a binder. I know, I know, if you are a true scrapbooker you might as well leave now. 😉 But it’s cheaper all around and I like the size better. Most papers we use fit perfect so if your kid does an awesome thing at school, you can just slide it in! No work required! I get super thick binders because I want a lot of pages. I also love how easy it is to turn the pages. The kids can look at the books by themselves! And a bonus: They actually fit on a bookshelf!

I get one with a cover sleeve so I can personalize it. 
About time to start a second one for my oldest!

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  1. I agree! I have now settled into buying the binders from Sam's Club that come in a bundle of 4. They also have thick amazingly cheap sheet protectors there. I have always wanted them to be kid friendly.

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