6 Free Fall Earrings

I love faux leather earrings! I’ve almost got a pair for ever occasion, but it the past I made them way too giant. So now, I get to go back through and make them all a good size! lol.

Let me give you a couple tips about using faux leather.

  1. Cut on the faux suede setting for thicker leather. This will use your Cricut Maker’s rotary blade, so it does not work on super intricate designs. I always use it for bows, but I only use it on occasion for earrings.
  2. Add a patterned HTV to the back of your earrings. No matter how perfect you make them, the earrings are light weight. At some point the back will be visible, so make it cute!
  3. When making earrings, make sure you always use two jump rings so they hang correctly.

That’s it! Making faux leather earrings is one of my favorite five minute crafts! Here are the earrings I designed for you today! Feel free to use this SVG for personal and commercial use. If you have a friend who would love this project, send them a link to this page. Thanks!

This is the SVG file! Right click to save.

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I teamed up with a team of SVG creators! For more free projects click the links below!

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