Christmas Cards

I decided to make a different Christmas card for each person on my list. I let my nearly two-year-old pick which card went to which person. It was so interesting! He divvied them totally different than I would have, but still very thoughtfully and with such love. 

I made several of these cards using only images from Cricut Design space, so if you have a Cricut click here and it will take you to my profile and you can use my design! 

The other images come from,, and 

The bottom is done with a glitter gel pen. It was very beautiful in real life. I wish the top green was not see-thru but overall this turned out nicely.  Design from lovesvg (affiliate link).
This design was premade, I just changed the colors. From cutthatdesign. 
This one is all Cricut images! 
Words from pineapplepaperco and girl from cutthatdesign.
The flower is from Cricut Design space. The words are done with a stamp and emboss powder.
Words can be found in Cricut Design Space. I did several layers of red cardstock and then the gold to really make it pop.
Apparently I deleted pictures of my cards so the rest I stole (from myself) off Instagram.
This is one I worked really hard on and designed using only Cricut images. Click here to make your own. 
Design by pineapplepaperco. She is one of my Instagram friends so make sure to check her out! 
Reindeer and words are Cricut Design Space. I think the tree is from cutthatdesign. 
All Cricut images.
Words are from Cricut. Tractor is from lovesvg.
All Cricut images.
And there you have it! Which is your favorite? 
Merry Christmas everyone!

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