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A while back I reviewed Kassa adhesive vinyl and have used it for many projects since. So, when they came out with heat transfer vinyl you know I had to try it! I’ve been able to do several projects with it now and I wanted to share my opinion. If you choose to purchase from my Amazon links I will get a small profit and it won’t cost you any extra.
I highly recommend this vinyl, especially if you are new to the htv world. It is a great way to get a variety of colors without spending a fortune. In the picture below, you can see exactly what colors are included. You get several sheets of each of the essential colors and then one sheet of all the fun colors! You also receive two sheets of gold and two sheets of silver metallic htv. That is unheard of for a variety pack! Metallic htv is very pricey, so the fact that this is included is amazing! 
This image is taken from Amazon. This chart is also included on the back of the box which is convenient when you want to see what you have without pulling everything out. 

Isn’t that color set amazing? I was able to make a variety of projects using it! I cut the vinyl shiny side down on the iron-on setting. Make sure to mirror your image when using htv! Each piece cut easily. Weeding (removing the unwanted vinyl pieces) was a breeze. One interesting thing to note about Kassa HTV, it comes with a protective blue film on the back side. I’ve never seen another company do this but it is so smart! If any dust or lint gets on the backside of your htv, it may not stick correctly, so this protective blue film just helps keep it clean while stored away. Simple remove it before cutting and pressing.

The backside. I know some of them don’t look very blue, but there is still a blue sheet on it.
The front side of the same stack. 
The transfer sheet on Kassa htv is not very sticky. I know that is a downside for some people, but I actually prefer it. As long as the vinyl stays in place while you work, not having to worry about it sticking to you, itself, and the cookie you’re snacking on, is a postive attribute in my book. That being said, it must stay in place while pressing or it will ruin the whole project. So, of course, I put it to the test for all of you! I made a shirt where I had to place 51 individual pieces of Kassa vinyl (yeah, I know I’m crazy!). Not one piece moved out of place! That’s how you know it’s quality! 
Don’t you love the metallic?
Did you count all 51? It was like putting together a little puzzle.

Altered this design from lovesvg.com

(affiliate link)

I also wanted to see how small I could cut the vinyl before having issues. While that train might look big, it is only two inches tall. Each of those 51 pieces was very small and again, no issues. Have I convinced you you need it yet?
I only found one small issue with this vinyl. If you look really closely at some of the projects in this post you will see a little bit of gummy-looking (it’s not actually sticky) residue. It’s not something that would keep me away from buying it, but it is something to be aware of. I only had issues with the dark brown and the red (and not every time. It only happened while layering, and still not even with every layer. I’m sure it had something to do with how long I pressed it for). 
Another shirt I made using all Kassa htv!

Do you see the tiny bit of shine around the brown wing? That is all I’m talking about. Not a big deal to me. And again, I’m sure it was a user error.  

The vinyl washed very well! This little one got food on the vinyl itself and it came right off in the washer! (The food, not the vinyl.)
Let’s talk pricing. This htv is nearly 5x less expensive than the name brand stuff! (The metallic is nearly 10x cheaper!) And, because my Kassa friends are awesome, I’ve got a code to share with you! For all my US and Canada friends use the promo code: KAS15OFF got 15% your Kassa Amazon purchase! Bonus: Amazon also has a 5% off coupon right now (1-10-2020) so you can get 20% off! What are you still doing here? Go get it! I think I need to get some more too…
 Go get yourself some vinyl and make sure to tag me (@craftinkiy) and @kassa so we can see it! Enjoy!

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