Dinosaur Birthday Party

We celebrated a birthday today! My middle child turned three. (Honestly, it kinda feels like he was already three. lol.) He’s so grown up! He told me right after his last birthday that he wanted to have a dinosaur party and he didn’t change his mind even after a whole year!

I took a slightly different approach for this party than I originally planned. My three-year-old kept talking about being a dinosaur, so I decided to create a dinosaur environment more than focus on the actual dinosaurs. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll see.

I started off with a ton of streamers. I put some on the ceiling and the walls. I wanted to frame the door but I ran out, so unfortunately I only got one side done. I cut a bunch of leaves out on my Cricut and the little guys helped me stick them all over the walls. My house plants also helped add to the jungle feel. lol.

I had also cut some cute dinosaurs out from Cricut Design Space. I meant for them to be spread among the leaves but my kids had other plans. They hid them around the house for the guests to find. It was actually a fun little game, but I would have cut a bunch more had I known that’s what we were going to do.

I decorated the table with toy dinosaurs and trees.

I created a little banner using Cricut Design Space images. I thought the semi-circles looked very dinosaur-like. The banner was cute, but hanging it was a nightmare! I just couldn’t get them to line up like I wanted. I think if it had been a little bigger I would have had more leeway.

Our only planned game was a round of Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur. I created this little SVG that you are welcome to use as well.

This is the SVG. Right click to save.

My little guy doesn’t like cake so we did pudding cups with Oreos on top. I found some clearance dinosaur candles at Joann to finish off the look. It was a very simple dessert.

I never did get a good picture of his shirt, but I used Silhouette UV paint to stencil little dinosaurs all over. In fact, the birthday boy helped me with the painting. So, it looks pretty plain inside, but once he gets outside yellow, pink, and purple dinosaurs appear all over his body and sleeves. It is very similar to this shirt I did for his big brother a few years back.

Pic from 2020
Pic from 2020

Happy Birthday little guy!

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