Custom Plant Pots – Waterslide Decals

Looking for a cute Mother’s Day craft or a way to customize your plant shelf? Try Hiipoo water slide decals! They are so easy, a two-year-old can do it. Literally!

What are waterslide decals?

No, I’m not talking about the big chute at the water park. Waterslide decals are basically a sticker that adheres using water. Of course it’s more complicated than that, but that’s the general idea. Inside a box of decals, you receive a sheet that looks like shiny photo paper. Print an image on the shiny side, it’s the decal. The backing is actually just paper that will slide away once you get it wet in water. Hence: waterslide.

What do I need to use waterslide decals?

  • Waterslide decal sheets – I used Hiipoo
  • Printer – Most require inkjet, check before purchasing
  • Clear Sealer
  • Item you are decorating (I did a plant pot)
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Sponge or paper towel
He has paint all over him. What can I say? We’re crafty!

How do I apply my waterslide decal?

First you need to print your image. (All the images on my pots come from my free SVG library! Make sure to check it out!) I recommend printing a test page of your images before printing on the decal paper. Also, check and make sure you have the correct printer. Most waterslide decals require an inkjet printer (I actually bought one to use for this project. lol. It was not fun researching them. Here’s the one I eventually picked.)

Once your images are cut, take your paper outside and seal it with clear sealer. The Hiipoo brand recommends spraying it three separate times. I tried to get away with just two times and it wasn’t great (my sealer is also like 20 years old). So really do spray it three times.

Once your page has dried (for the third time) cut your images out. You want to leave a little room on the edges to make transferring easier but you will be able to see where you cut, so just keep that in mind. *If you really don’t like the look of the clear plastic you can add epoxy over the top of your project once it is complete to cover it up.*

Once your image is cut, place it into a bowl of water. Leave it there for thirty to sixty seconds. (My little ones were not quite that patient. It still worked but transfer was more difficult.) While your image is soaking, wet your surface (plant pot) slightly. When the time is up, grab your decal out and place it image side up onto your surface. Place one thumb on each side of the image and slowly pull them away from each other. The paper backing will come off and can be discarded. Smooth the decal down and dry it carefully with a sponge or paper towel. Let dry completely. For a lasting finish, spray with more sealer or apply epoxy.

The Hiipoo decals can be finished off in a low heat oven. I tried this for the children’s pots but I don’t think it was actually very beneficial. That being said, none of the decals have fallen off even though they have played with them and I did not use sealer or epoxy to finish.

Why would I use waterslide instead of vinyl or stickers?

Great question! I think all three have a place in my craftroom. Waterslides are nice though because they are thinner than the other two. They can bend around a curved surface (like a pot or cup) more easily. They are also super customizable. You could easily transfer a family photo or favorite TV character. It’s also just fun and different. My kids had a hoot getting to get a little wet and wild. Stickers can get mundane. Waterslides were fun for a change.

The pot has little ‘thread’ lines going all around it. (Weird texture is from my spray. It really is old.)

Would you recommend the Hiipoo waterslide decals?

I have to be honest, this was my first time making custom waterslide decals. I’ve done premade ones before, but I hadn’t ever printed my own. That being said, I’ve heard many horror stories about the fragile nature of waterslide decals. I did not find this to be the case for the Hiipoo brand. I mean, my children literally decorated their own pots with them and they are two and four. If that doesn’t tell you they are durable I don’t know what will. Lol. I personally did not have smearing issues or serious tearing or folding. Hiipoo waterslides were a joy to use.

Where can I get all your cute images?

The images from all three pots come from my free SVG library! I did make the robot designs specifically for this project so I will include it here. Head to my SVG page to download any of the others!

All of my SVGs are free for personal and commercial use. Please do not sell/share the images themselves. If you know someone who would love this project, send them a link to this page!

This is the SVG. Right click to save.

I did receive a free set of Hiipoo waterslides for my honest review. If you’d like to try them out for yourself use my link and code CRAFTINKIY for 10% off!

He thought hiding his face was hilarious!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy craftin’!

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