Kassa Vinyl

You know I’m always up for trying new products. Today, I get to tell you about Kassa vinyl and Kassa transfer tape
The transfer tape comes with 5 pieces of black matte vinyl.
The vinyl comes with a scraper.

When I’m asked to review a product, I like to go read what other people are saying about it. I look for specific issues people may have had or what features make it desirable. There were quite a few reviews for these products and there was a large variety of opinions. 

While reading the Kassa vinyl reviews, I noticed a lot of people had issues with it cutting well. If you are ever reading reviews for an item you can cut with a Cricut and someone says it doesn’t cut well, 9 times out of 10, it has something to do with their Cricut, not the product. I wanted to know for myself though, so I did several tests. First: some big letters. 

A+! So I tried a really complex design. 
The little pokes are from the safety pin I used to weed the excess vinyl.
 Wow! A++! So, I went for really tiny letters. 
Ok, I had one or two issues but look how tiny that is! And, if I had really wanted to I could have (with a little effort) made these work. If we are being honest, I was trying to get it to fail. I’ve never had success with anything that small. So, I’m impressed. I do not think cutting is a problem. 
Amazon reviewers also had issues with the vinyl being see-through. I do agree with this issue. All colors except the blue, black, dark purple, and surprisingly white were see through. The neon pink was the worst culprit, but I mean, it’s neon. You can’t really blame it. 

Because it is see-through, I would not recommend this vinyl for layering. You should be able to use it on any solid colored surface though. 

I really do love the colors.
The neon pink definitely isn’t as bright on the dark background but it’s still beautiful.
Anyone know what this is?
Now let’s talk transfer tape. This is used to get your vinyl from the paper backing onto your project. You could peel each piece like a sticker, but transfer tape keeps all your small pieces in place so you aren’t trying to line up each tiny letter. This particular tape has grid lines to help you keep your project aligned (it’s pretty neat) and it has a paper backing too so you can cut your piece off the roll without ruining your scissors (not all transfer tape has that). It is sticky enough to pick up the vinyl easily but not so sticky that it sticks to your project. This is good stuff. I would recommend it. 

Now, the big question. Is the vinyl sticky? Yes, but it takes a bit of work to get it stuck. Once it is on, it stays, but you will have to use that scraper to get it to fully adhere. I wanted to make sure it was the vinyl, so I tested the Kassa vinyl with Kassa transfer tape. I tried Kassa vinyl with different transfer tape. I tried Kassa transfer tape… You get the picture. I did every scenario so I could give  you guys an accurate answer. It’s the Kassa vinyl. It just takes a lot of pressure to get it to stick. 

I didn’t do a great job at lining this up, but this is the black vinyl that comes with the transfer tape. It’s a lower quality than the others but I didn’t have any issues with it and it is beautiful. I tried it with two brands of transfer tape as well, and again, it just takes a minute to adhere. 

Overall opinion: Love the transfer tape. I’m glad I have the vinyl, but it’s not one I could use for every project so I don’t think it is one I would purchase again. That being said, I really love the colors and I keep trying to come up with different projects to use them. 

I received free vinyl and transfer tape for my honest review. 
Flower svg

Update: Kassa responded to my review by saying: “Awesome, thank you so much! By the way-  For an easier way to cut our vinyl we’d recommend the “washi tape” setting. From our trials and other crafters we noticed it cuts very smoothyl without lifitng up. We’re also always working on improving the quality of the vinyl so we appreciate all the constructive feedback 😁”

Update: As I became more used to the vinyl, I no longer found it difficult to apply. 

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