Stuffed Animal House

One of the major purposes of my blog is to inspire people to be creative. I love when people share their projects with me and it happens often! Please keep doing this! 

My little sister was so excited to share this little house she made for her stuffed animals. She was so professional about it too. She showed me a finished product and then gave a step-by-step tutorial (with tips)! Hopefully I can remember what she told me. 🙂
Supplies Needed: tape, paper (6 pieces), crayons, scissors
In her original design she used cardstock, but for the tutorial she used regular paper. She recommends the cardstock. 
Cut each piece of paper into a large square. 
Tape two pieces of paper together. Make sure all tape ends up on the inside of your house. 
Repeat with third and fourth paper squares. 
Now the hard part! You may want to ask a friend for help. Bring your fourth piece of paper over and tape to first piece. Remember to keep tape on the inside!
Tape on back piece. Most people won’t see this, so you can just put the tape on the outside if you want. 
Decorate your door and tape to the front. Only put tape on the top so you can flip it open. 
Add a handle so you can carry it around!
Thank you for sharing with us little Sis! Happy crafting everyone. 🙂

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