Dumb Blonde Moment

I don’t often use the phrase dumb blonde. Do I believe there are dumb blondes in this world? Oh yeah! (Though most of those are dyed blonde, just saying…) Anyway, not my point. My point is I was one of those dumb blondes today (a non-dyed one).

I was trying to put my brand new zipper foot on my sewing machine and I could not for the life of me get it to work! And I had very little instructions. I was googling, I was pulling out screw drivers. I was searching for some sort of tool in my new kit of sewing feet I just got. I was wasting a ton of time! Turns out, I just needed to read. The first ‘foot’ on the list was actually an adapter to make all the other feet work. 


So no, I didn’t actually sew a zipper tonight, but I did learn a valuable lesson (one that I always tell students but apparently don’t listen to myself). READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS! 

The list I had glanced at multiple times but didn’t actually read.

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